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Publishing writing is one of the goals of Isaro Foundation. The foundation receives and grades various writings from Rwandan primary and high school students. Among all the writing submitted, the Isaro Edition committee chooses the most outstanding and publishes them.

We also do publish writing from different writers and scholars. To send us a writing, email us at

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It’s Not About You
Myth number 1: The International Community did not care enough to stop the Genocide 10,000 men, women and children killed every day across an entire nation. Images of human beings hacking other human beings to death. The story goes that the international community looked the other way and (...) Read more
They All Had Something I Did Not
They all had something I did not, my friends One more person in their families, one more shoulder they could cry on, one more heart loving them, one more support for them... I could see the joy they had in their eyes talking about them, theirs dads and wondered where is mine? Pff I (...) Read more
What It Takes to Inspire a Girl
What It Takes to Inspire a Girl As a Rwandan woman, there are many things I can be proud of with regard to gender equality. Rwanda boasts of the highest percentage of women members of parliament (MPs). Indeed, last year, we broke our own record and increased the percentage of female MPs from (...) Read more
The Art of Writing a Book on Genocide At a Young Age
Part 1 — Dieudonné Gakire and His ‘A Dreaming Child’ In the end you start wondering if people ever get to rest in this town anymore. On a Tuesday night, people in Remera still seem busy. The wind was blowing from the west with quite a few traffic on the road. It’s a Citron — that Fanta — that (...) Read more
Isaro Magazine October 2013
Read Isaro Magazine October 2013, click here for a PDF format. Read more
Success Is Outside of Your Comfort Zone
October 6th, 2013 The “comfort” zone is a state of acceptance; a psychological place where someone feels satisfied. Most people don’t want to move from that zone, not because they don’t know that life can be better, but just because they don’t want to take a risk of change. Basically, we are (...) Read more
My Grandma, Death and Suicide
My grandmother is one of those ladies that you just can’t believe you are lucky to know. Her character is a bestseller novel-worthy, and her biography would break all time records. Each morning she wakes up quite early, in her best shape she steps out of the house and makes sure the animals (...) Read more
Inclusive education
Beautiful guides, Beautiful friends, Smart classes, And great policies ; Of inclusive education. The impaired are three corners. Only one is not. It is far to reach, But our guide is able For he breathes Inclusive Education. My fingers became eyes. White cane can see. I have no (...) Read more
Why Are We Cheating On Each Other?
The Rwandan society has recently been experiencing more divorces and cheating than ever. Divorce which used to be a taboo is now becoming widely accepted. Should the Rwandan society embrace divorce and its consequences? I don’t know what your answer is, but mine is a big NO. My intention is not (...) Read more
"This Country, My Home"
I am from a country…. Where traditional African clothes are the style for Rwandan women in order to keep our culture and to show our beauty Where women are not excluded in work Where people have a life with a hope to achieve their goals Where they care for each other and love each other (...) Read more
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